My fridge won’t fit up the stairs!
kp8 30 reviews

King Hoist is a great service which helps people in need of assistance of moving furniture or bulky equipment to hard- to- get- to places, such as some high rise apartment. Living in the city, I am a regular patron of their service and I would like to say how wonderful their services are. They are saviors when it comes to lifting refrigerators up those grueling stairs. King Hoist is also great because the prices they charge are reasonable and it is very worth it for all the trouble of carrying those beds up ten floors!
My sofa won’t fit in the lift!
KCUK 1 review

I was very impressed. They arrived quickly, even though it was a last minute request. They were very clear about what they were going to do and at all times, safety was paramount. They hoisted my sofa up 3 floors and I got it in safely with no damage. I'd definitely recommend King.
How do I get my lounge up into my unit?
KFG 1 review

We wanted to write a review for King Hoist because without this service we would never have completed our move. We have moved into a relatively difficult site and King Hoist provided experience and flexibility in ensuring our possessions successfully and safely moved into our new home. Over three extensive levels (trust me, I closed my eyes) Michael transported everything from our new pristine leather lounges (unmarked) to a large piano. Michael was flexible and generous with his time (it took three hours longer than anticipated for the removals to arrive) and maintained a reassuring, experienced calmness which was much appreciated on the day. We would highly recommend King Hoist for their professionalism and reliability. Thank you Michael!!!
My buffet won’t fit through the door!
Hendbark 1 review

I used King Hoists to move a long buffet into an apartment via the balcony as it would not fit through the doorway. I found them very efficient, professional, prompt and helpful and would recommend them without any reservations.
My large dining table needs to go up to my balcony.
holliday 1 review

We used King Hoists to move a large dining room table and a bed base up three floors in a very tight space - it worked great and was done in no time at all. I would highly recommend the service. An amazing piece of engineering!
My furniture won’t fit in the stairs!
hcellars 1 review

We were dreading moving our big heavy balinese style furniture down 3 floors and our only way was over the balcony. We'd used a scissor lift getting it up and that was a nightmare. Kinghoists was terrific. Micheal was very thorough and professional and I was completely at ease with him taking down our precious furniture. It was very fast and safe and I highly highly recommend his company
My lift is too small for my furniture!
Mick 1 review

Clients find our service fantastic! Very often they want to get a lounge up to their unit but it won't fit into the stairs, the lift or round a corner. We lift their lounge on the outside of the building, to their balcony or window. Instead of using ropes, the furniture rests on a large platform, so there is no damage. Building materials, especially sheets of plasterboard, can be easily lifted up to units that are being renovated. Some materials that we have lifted so far include: cabinets, rolls of roofing felt, 7 m-long corrugated roof sheets, bags of sand and cement, furring channels, skirting boards, granite benchtops, etc. The hoist is ideal for whole removals, as a lot of time is saved by not having to use corridors and stairs - the furniture and boxes go straight from the balcony down to the truck and vice versa. Another thing customers appreciate is that we always return calls promptly and make sure we have a good understanding of the situation before accepting the job. Michael
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