Reliable Balcony Lift in Sydney

If you need a balcony lift carried out in Sydney, King Hoists can help you with our truck-mounted inclined hoist (ladder hoist). Many items, such as large paintings, lounges, beds and dining tables, will not fit through internal doorways and stairs. The only way to move these bulky items into an apartment is through a balcony. This is where our balcony lift service can help you.

Our balcony lift in Sydney can safely lift 300 kg up to 33 metres (approximately a 10th floor), to your balcony, window or roof. Wind can affect the hoisting operation and should be less than 55km/hour, especially when lifting to higher floors. Although a flat, level surface is preferable, setting up on sloping ground is also possible.

Balcony Hoist

The balcony hoist, or balcony lift, is ideal for whole removals and for deliveries of large items such as sofas and appliances. In the building industry, it has been used successfully to lift seven-metre lengths of roof sheeting up to a roof and all lengths of plasterboard, as well as benchtops, glass splashbacks, cabinets, glass, windows and many other items.

Using the balcony hoist, or furniture lift, is fast, safe and efficient, with considerable savings in labour. There is less handling as loads go directly from the street to the upper floor. It saves on the back-breaking work involved in lifting heavy or bulky or multiple loads up and down stairs or via the internal lift which is not always located close to the building entrance or the apartment entrance.

Hoisting Furniture Over Balcony

A further advantage with hoisting furniture over a balcony is that, by lifting on the outside of the building, less damage is done to the items being moved as well as to the internal corridors, stairwells and lifts.

In addition, larger sheets of building materials such as plasterboard and plywood can be passed up safely and efficiently. There is no need to order smaller sheets to fit through narrow doors, lifts and stair wells. This means additional savings in construction time as fewer joins are necessary.

We at King Hoists provide balcony lifts in Sydney at an affordable rate. Please feel free to contact Michael on 0404 032 320 to see if we can help you.

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