Furniture Hoist Rental

We offer furniture hoist hire with an operator for items that are heavy (max. 300kg), large or awkward that need to be lifted in or out of homes or offices. There are times when some items just cannot fit through doorways and stairways. This is when you need to move them through a window or over a balcony. In some cases, the window needs to be temporarily removed.

Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient and quick solution to carrying single or multiple items in or out of your home or office. There are several health and safety benefits to moving fridges and sofas using the furniture hoist external elevator. The chance of injury to people lifting heavy items is reduced and so is the risk of causing any damage to the internal areas of the building such as internal walls, doors and stairways.

Hiring our furniture hoist will also result in considerable time savings when compared to a situation where every item has to come down stairs or an internal lift.

Furniture Hoisting Equipment Hire

We have over 15 years of experience in the furniture hoist rental industry. In this time, we have successfully moved and hoisted white goods, building materials and furnishings. Our business understands the costs involved with using a large crane and provides a safe and effective alternative for lifting furniture, appliances and materials.

Based in Sydney, we service the whole of the Sydney Metropolitan area. Our furniture hoist is available for removals, deliveries and construction. We have a compact truck-mounted furniture hoist that can lift up to 300 kilograms to the 10th floor (33 metres). Our operators are experienced and can provide advice on loading the platform.

Choose King Hoists for your furniture hoist rental services in Sydney. Call Michael King on 0404 032 320 and ask for a free quote for our hiring services.

Furniture Hoist Sydney

Our hoist rental service in Sydney is the preferred choice of our customers, as it uses equipment specifically designed for the hoisting of furniture and bulky goods. We cater to both residential and office relocation requirements.

Since starting a hoisting service in Sydney, King Hoists have successfully hoisted valuable furnishing items and goods. Our furniture hoist Sydney team provides prompt and professional services. Our customers have come to rely on King Hoists for tailored solutions and a high level of service.

We understand that moving and hoisting can be an extremely time-consuming and stressful experience, which is why we try and advise our clients as to the best hoisting solution for each case, which may include a referral to another company using different equipment.

Our furniture hoist can lift items safely to and from upper floors. Whether it is a sofa or a sideboard, a kitchen benchtop or a marble table, the hoist offers flexibility to ensure the smooth lifting of goods to the desired location with minimum effort.

We ensure hoisting of furniture is done safely, including setting up exclusion zones below our hoisting operation, closing off access points and using qualified traffic controllers, where appropriate.

To request a FREE quote, complete our online form and describe your requirements or connect with our Sydney office staff on 0404 032 320.

Furniture Hoist Hire
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